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by year of glad

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It felt like a new kind of collaboration had emerged. Two selves at work: a blurry dialogue between past and present. Two voices, one robotic and one human, became almost indistinguishable to my ear. Sometimes the auto-tune effect sounded as if it was choking the human voice, like an incandescent street light blotting out the moon. Acoustic guitars, battling feebly for sonic space, were quickly snuffed out by waves of electronic noise only to rise up and achieve some kind of improbable center. It’s the sound of subjectivity, and how strange and surreal it can be.


"such a good find" - Noisey

"mesmerizing and pulse-pounding" - Consequence of Sound

"...awe-inspiring. Keep an eye on these guys." - The Quietus

“Really good” - Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music

"Their ethereal sound is entrancing" - Pretty Much Amazing

"disturbingly other-worldly" - Ride the Tempo



released October 20, 2016

composed, performed, produced by A.P. Bergeron.

mastered by Ryan Morey at Grey Market.

artwork by fako andro.

released by Oh Hi (

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government
of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.
Ce projet est financé en partie par FACTOR, le gouvernement
du Canada et les radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada.

© SOCAN 2016



all rights reserved


year of glad Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: post reach
"follow my mind away to the mountain top where I see light again cornered my mild dismay as the hourglass funnels its final grain blind lead the blind until the habit falls away I can’t entice you to leave or to stay behold the majesty of a fog billowing slowly out across the sea some day it’ll reach me and I’m finally ignored I spoke to my myself as I strolled through some valley of hell not a word on my lips except the promise of all that I’d miss I spoke to myself as I toasted some grandmother’s health not a word on my tongue except the hope she would always be young blind lead the blind until the habit falls away I can’t entice you leave or to stay"
Track Name: the old ways
"if I was older now deedee if I could make all my own meals I could live alone I’d be right at home in my own skin if I was older now you’d see me I’d be on my own and that’s so appealing never cynical I’d be on the ball the most free"
Track Name: iwill
"damn all those lonely days when the will is weak I can barely speak but iwill mad dogs will roam the town bearing prophecy and a poem for me but iwill a pall hangs above us now so when e’er we meet we act so discreet but iwill nobody’s raised up from the ground for once they lay still iwill night descends upon us now but it won’t be bleak every end will meet cuz it’s a sad and solemn brow that cannot conceive of an in-between but iwill no bodies raised up from the ground for once they lay still iwill"
Track Name: teetotum
"If I could drive all night would I be redeemed tomorrow from this life from on high if christ won’t fly my kite will the devil spin my dreidel I can quote the foundling’s fable back to front lie with me lie between my teeth the star will bleach my eyes the bark will pierce my marrow so much light from such blight if I could ride my bike to the heart of a tornado I could join the league of sadomasochists lie with me lie between my teeth"
Track Name: jerome
"we’ve been up all night lighting candles can’t abide the dark we could get so high seeing visions like you never saw a piranha is convulsing on my kitchen floor a white iguana is conversing with the undertaker’s bones I’ve made my hate a hive where a thousand angry bees reside and I’ve said my piece and I’ve tried for what I can’t describe fetal lullabies are receding back from whence they sprung if it’s known to everyone then how come it’s different every time it’s sung silent stigmata from the urchin has got me feeling low it’s nothing urgent but it’s starting to reveal the motherload I’ve made my hate a home where a thousand mangy creatures roam and I’ve set my piece jerome behind the naked eye"